I am developing several applications in Java and I happen to be using a Mac. I have been for years and I just enjoy the OS. Java has never been an easy beast to deal with on a Mac and […]

My client gave me a mailing list that they wanted to import into Compiere and subscribe them to their various interest areas. The list only contained first name,last name, and an email address. Not exactly a great set of information […]

So you came to this site and read about branding and such, yet here the site is using a third party theme for its main site. What gives? Yes I know it kind of seems like false advertisement, so here […]

Red Tide Rising is one of Denver’s youngest rock bands, but you’d never know it based on their sound. They have a mature sound that would fit in with today’s top bands. The band producer, Scott Whiteman contacted us initially […]

is a dance studio specializing in hiphop, tap, and pole dance classes. What is unique about it is how owner Marguerite Endsley transformed an ordinary TuffShed into a really unique and fun enviornment for dance. This project was the first […]

This project I am working on requires the loading of almost 400,000 customers. We are doing these imports on small machines remotely so obviously speed is not a friend. I am running into a lot of problems and having run […]

Just a quick finding that I just ran across. We have some columns that are of type “Search” and we store the values ( strings ) in them. When you run the GenerateModel() process, it creates the X classes as […]

We have been under a hosted environment for quite some time now, but we have recently decided to go on our own and with that, we had to take a fresh copy of the Compiere 3.6.2 source code and do everything from […]

I have been using the Compiere web services since they first came out. They are based on the Amazon web services and provide a platform independent and secure way to access the Compiere system. I was forced to use them […]